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Discover your ancestor's occupation

The Discover Your Ancestor's Occupation special from Your Family Tree is the definitive guide to helping you find our more about the lives of past generations from the work they did, and how to locate the records that shed more light on them. Learn about the amazing histories of some of the oldest trades in the country, from blacksmiths to butchers; how advances in knowledge helped define the roles of teachers, doctors and nurses; how the Industrial Revolution spawned a host of new avenues for people to work in, from factories and mines; and even the less publicised tasks of domestic servants, child workers and women’s work during the world wars.In each section you'll find a comprehensive history of the occupation featured, what it meant to be involved in that trade, and, crucially, the records and resources you need to track down your family members who were part of it. Whether they were simple farm hands or powerful judges, this one-of-a-king special will show you how to find them.

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