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TV Guide is New Zealand's most comprehensive and interactive entertainment magazine, providing the whole family with unique insight into the wonderful world of television and entertainment.

by Kerry
Love the TV guide and have been subscribing for several years now. Really enjoy the reviews of programmes, especially the new ones and finding out what is happening to my favourites- they keep moving them. Love the code cracker and wordfit- savour doing them every week.
by Rhonda
Look forward to TV guide so I can plan my viewing in advance. I also enjoy doing the Wordfit.
by Marian
Love the little weekly magazine, has a separate page to see what movies are on for the week, puzzles at the back for me and for the kids, interesting interviews about tv programmes, love it.
by Lyn
by anonymous
love getting the tv guide, its considered the bible in our house
by Marissa
Love the TV Guide, I am always out to pick it up on a Thursday, just the right balance of everything it.
by Michael
great way to know wat'ontv
by Morgy
YOu guys have a limited amount of goss but it still keeps you updated with the newest info for the celebs that we are watching now. Thanks T.V. guide.

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