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Please note delivery lead times for first issues are as follows:

  • For weekly publications please allow up to two to five weeks for your first delivery.
  • For monthly publications please allow up to four to seven weeks for your first delivery, however some publishers have longer lead times and may take longer than this.
  • For bi-monthly publications please allow up to six to nine weeks for your first delivery.
  • For quarterly publications please allow up to ten to thirteen weeks for your first delivery.
  • For special offers and free gifts please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Free gifts are sent separately and will not arrive with the first issue of your subscription.
  • For international delivery and magazines from abroad please allow up to ten to thirteen weeks for your first delivery.
  • For digital magazine purchases, your subscription will commence with the current issue. Please activate your account with Zinio to access the first issue.

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Your magazine subscription will usually start with the next available issue and will not normally be the current issue that is in the shops. Industry standard delivery lead times are displayed above. Your confirmation email also displays a delivery time frame for the product you have purchased, you can also refer to the delivery tab on each product page for guidance too. For more specific dates, please contact the supplier directly, you can find their contact details in the search function above and on your confirmation email.

If your product hasn’t arrived or you think it may be running late please contact the supplier who will be able to help you. You can find all their contact details in the search function above, on your confirmation email, or in your My Account area on our site. You can log in here where you will find a complete list of all your current and past subscriptions and contact information for each.

Please contact the subscription publisher or supplier directly, as they fulfil delivery. You can find their contact details in the search function above, in your isubscribe account and on your confirmation email. You can also change an address by logging into your isubscribe account here. In your 'My Account' area you will be able to update billing and delivery address information. Please note that as the delivery labels are often printed a number of weeks in advance, the next issue of your magazine may still go to the old address. isubscribe will then update the address with the subscription supplier for you.

International delivery is available for the majority of magazine subscriptions on isubscribe. Please look out for the 'International' button on the product page for prices that include delivery. If this button is not visible, international delivery is not available.

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If you request a cancellation more than 48 hours after placing the order simply get in touch with the publisher or supplier, you can find their contact details in the search function above and on your confirmation email. If you cancel your subscription within 48 hours of your order, isubscribe will provide a full refund, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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Ordering & Renewing

Simply select the magazine you wish to renew, add it to your basket then proceed through the checkout where you will be asked if this is a renewal, select yes and then fill out your delivery details. Don't forget to log in if you are already an isubscribe customer. Also, please note: You will need to ensure the recipient’s name and address matches the original order.

You will receive a confirmation email from isubscribe detailing your order within a few minutes of purchasing (please check your junk folder if this isn't received!)

isubscribe does not sell single copies or back issues, please contact the specific magazine publisher directly. You can find their contact details in the search function above.

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Gifts, iCards & Vouchers

Subscriptions make great gifts. You can choose a different delivery address on the checkout page for each subscription purchase. On the run up to Christmas, you can also request for the first issue to be delivered after December 25th, so the surprise isn’t spoilt! In the checkout you can create an iCard to announce your gift.

An iCard is a digital greeting which includes an image of the subscription you have purchased, as well as a personal message that you can add yourself. This can be emailed directly to the recipient on a chosen date, or you can email it to yourself to print and present to them. iCards are free and very easy to create. In the checkout simply select 'Yes' when asked 'is this subscription a gift?' to personalise an iCard. See an example here.

Lucky you! On the gift card or voucher there will be a long number. You will need to enter this number during the checkout process in the step after you have entered the delivery information. If the subscription amount exceeds the gift card or voucher value, you will need to enter in your payment details in the next step to cover the remaining amount.

If your subscription purchase includes a free gift, the gift will arrive separately from the first issue and will usually be sent to the gift giver rather than the subscription recipient, and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. If your gift hasn’t arrived, simply get in touch with the publisher or supplier, you can find their contact details in the search function above and on your confirmation email.

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isubscribe Rewards

isubscribe Rewards is our loyalty program to reward our awesome customers.

  • It's free. There is no joining fee and no ongoing fees.
  • You'll receive a birthday reward.
  • You will earn Points on every purchase.
  • You will earn 500 instant Points when you update your subscriber profile.
  • You can redeem your Points at any time.
  • Your Points have no expiry date.
  • You'll receive exclusive rewards.

All individuals can join. You must obtain permission from your parent or guardian prior to joining if you are under 18 years old. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and Government bodies are not eligible to participate.

Anybody can join by heading to

After joining isubscribe Rewards you will automatically earn 5 Points on every dollar you spend on when you are logged in to your account and a purchase is completed.

Points can be earned on purchases of gift vouchers. Points are not earned on redemption of gift vouchers.

Points will be allocated to your account 90 days after a purchase is completed. Prior to this 90 days period they will be shown as pending Points in your account.

You can earn an instant 500 Points by completing or updating your subscriber profile at My Account. These instant Points can be used immediately.

Points can be used at any time you choose. A minimum of 5 Points is required to start redeeming Points against a purchase.You must log in to your isubscribe account to redeem Points against a purchase.

100 Points adds up to $1 of credit that you can spend at If you complete your profile and receive 500 instant Points you have $5 worth of credit that can be used immediately.

When selecting a payment method, you can determine to redeem Points against the purchase. A purchase can be made with any combination of Points, gift voucher and credit/debit card as payment methods.

You will be emailed your $5 birthday reward voucher on the first day of your birthday month! The birthday voucher is valid for 28 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or Paypal.

For more information about isubscribe Rewards click here
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isubscribe Refer a friend

A simple way to reward our customers for recommending isubscribe to their friends.

Give your friend a $5 Referral Voucher. And you get 5 Referral points for every dollar your friend spends on the order they place with the Referral voucher you forward.

Simply request a $5 Referral voucher and forward the email you receive from isubscribe to a friend.

You have to be an isubscribe Rewards member to Refer a friend to earn more points. It's free and easy to join.

Yes, you can refer up to 10 friends every 30 days.

Each Referral voucher contains a unique code so only forward it once. If you'd like to refer another friend simply request a additional $5 Referral voucher.

You will earn 5 Referral points for every dollar your friend spends on credit card on the order they place with the referral voucher you send. The referral points are pending for 90 days.

You'll receive an email once your friend has used the Referral voucher you sent. And you will be notified when the referral points have landed in your account.

The Referral voucher can be used once by a customer who is new to isubscribe. It expires in 90 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or PayPal.

To redeem the voucher your friend needs to make a purchase at isubscribe and add the Referral voucher code at the checkout.

If your friend joins isubscribe Rewards during the checkout they can also receive points for the order.

Click here for isubscribe Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

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Join isubscribe Rewards and you can earn an instant 500 points.
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