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Woman’s Day offers endless entertainment with the latest celebrity gossip and photos from around the world and New Zealand. Read more

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Woman’s Day offers endless entertainment with the latest celebrity gossip and photos from around the world and New Zealand. Each week the magazine also delivers gripping real-life reads, affordable fashion, easy nutritious meals, quick beauty tips and more.

Woman’s Day is a weekly title. Please allow up to 2-5 weeks for first issue delivery.

by Helen
This is such a great easy reading magazine. Perfect way to spend some time when you just want to relax.
by Megan
This is my favourite magazine. I have been buying it weekly for many years. It's the best start to my week. I love the recipes, star signs and well written articles.
by Vaai
I love the fact that the articles and stories in it make for easy and light funny reading. It's current and up to date with information and tips for just about everything and anything. Recipies and foods to tickle your fancy. It would be very nice to win a subscription as it's hard for me with my leg injury to get to a supermarket and shops this way it's so much better and easier if it's delivered to my doorstep. Keep up the great work Woman's Day!!!!
by Elisabeth
this mags is the best!!!!
by Erena
nz womens day has the best articles, pictures, recipes, p.s ( EVERYTHING IN IT) out off all magazines i love reading the magazine
by Ripeka
Fantastic reading, beautiful layout, Best heart-felt stories from NZ
by Anne
The best weekly read-love the makeup guides and advice
by Morgan
Womans day doesn't only, have the most goss about celebs but it has the newest in fashion tips. I think you could have more of a womans - teenage girl opinion more like teenagers life and that sort of thing, but womans day rocks!
by annie
i love woman's day!!!!

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