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Explore the uncharted depths of the past in the captivating issue of Lost History: Secrets of the Deep. Embark on a thrilling journey through time as we uncover hidden treasures, forgotten civilizations, and enigmatic artifacts from beneath the world's oceans and waterways. In this issue, immerse yourself in the mysteries of the deep and discover incredible stories that have long been concealed beneath the waves. Venture into the realm of maritime history as we explore legendary shipwrecks, including Ernest Shackleton’s famous Endeavorand a 2,400-year-old Greek fishing boat. Learn about the challenges faced by archaeologists in preserving these underwater time capsules and how they provide invaluable insights into the past. Uncover precious relics and artifacts that have been entombed in watery depths for centuries. From ancient treasures salvaged from sunken galleons to mysterious statues emerging from the sea floor, these artifacts reveal fascinating glimpses into forgotten cultures and their intricate craftsmanship. Dive into the secrets of sunken cities such as Thonis-Heracleion and Alexandria, Egypt, Port Royal, Jamaica, and Doggerland, which lies between Scandinavia and the northern UK, and unravel the mysteries behind their disappearance. We'll explore the cutting-edge technologies and techniques used to rediscover these ancient metropolises and piece together the fascinating stories of their rise and fall—and offer a glimpse into which of our modern metropolises might be next. Don’t miss this captivating edition of Lost History: Secrets of the Deep, where the past comes alive beneath the waves. Pick up your copy today and join us on an extraordinary expedition to uncover the lost secrets of our submerged heritage.

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