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Subscribe to That's Life! (NZ) magazine for 12 months & save 33% off!

Limited Time Only

Limited Time Only

Subscribe to That's Life! (NZ) magazine for 12 months & save 33% off!


Offer expires 9/04/20. Available to NZ residents only. Offer applies to 12 month subscriptions only.

From the publisher

that’s life! magazine is New Zealand’s number one real-life read, and each week it is full of real-life stories, puzzles, easy recipes, money-saving household tips and hundreds of prizes!

Every week the publisher of this magazine does their best to deliver this magazine as early as possible to subscribers across New Zealand. However, due to production and mailing timings they cannot guarantee that this magazine will reach you before it goes on sale in stores.

by Sarah
One of my favorite magazines! How ever I dislike the front cover, to much detail on contents. Has some great reads and puzzles.
by Lauren
I have loved That's Life for many years. I like the range of stories, articles, tips, recipes puzzles & photos, which I have even received multiple payments from my own submissions. My 6 year old also loves the kids puzzles.
by Kay
thats life is a magazine i really look forward to each week the puzzles are good fun to do and when posting my entry i know i am in with a chance to win a prize good way to keep the brain active in retirement
by Emma
I love the puzzles in That's Life! They're fairly easy, but still a lot of fun and the prizes offerred are really great. I originally started buying this magazine only for the puzzles, but I do find myself reading the stories most weeks too and with a section of recipes each week there's really something for almost everyone in this magazine. I love getting it delivered straight to my home each week so I never forget to buy it!
by Annie
Great magazine, love the puzzles and the stories. Can't wait for Thats Life to arrive in the mail box each week
by Sue
I love this fab magazine. While my hubby watches rugby, I read and do puzzles. Also try out new recipes. Thank you 'That's Life' Keep the interesting magazine going forever!
by leah
i LOVE TL! its the most best mag out there. i enjoy reading all the amazing stories and really enjoy the puzzles...........on that note, maybe TL should let readers enter puzzle answers online??? instead of filling out the entry coupon and sending it away????? it a thought i thought i might add????.........
by uniQ
i love that's life magazine...cant live without it lol
by Carolyn
I found Judy Cook's recipe for Baking Dish Apple cake a few years ago in that's Life and I've been using it ever since. Delicious
by monique
Thanks Thats Life for such a fantastic magazine, i look forward to the puzzles every week!
by Jasmin
Been a fan of thats life 4 many of years. Was a hobby I picked up from a cousin of mine, & been hooked ever since.. The new mag?? She must mean lucky break... I like that mag 2, don't you's sell that 1 as well???
by beresley
Used to buy That's Life! magazine years ago sometimes entered the competitions. Whilst hearing a lady who works in this bookshop I was in buying stamps etc tell her colleague about this women who came in and said she had won a fridge in one of the competitions from this magazine I decided I would buy the magazine and try my luck. I couldnt believe my eyes when today I received a package at my front door, and on opening it found this prize of Johnson's Sun Cream with a letter of congratulations for entering the competition.
by jasmin
OMG that's life is soo good. I buy that's life all the time.. My best m8 was addicted to these books . One day she decide to give me 1 and ever since ive been a big fan on THAT"S LIFE.. Awsome book... ps i dont like that new mag thats simlar to THAT"S LIFE!!!!
by Debra
Best mag around. I get so sick of reading articles that are always saying "A close source"or Ä Family member" said. Your magazine is so much more real. keep up the good work!!!!
by Chrystal
This mag is great its not about what star is doing what its all about the readers. With heartfelt stories and advice in every issue! Competitions are plentyful and the prizes are always good A+
by Holly
Some of the stories are absolutely amazing and the puzzles are so much fun to complete
by Rose
This is the only mag on the market that is worth its price. But also agree its a little hard for Kiwis to compete with Ausies for the competition prizes
by Debbie
I love your mag. Buy it every week. I do feel that the New Zealand readers should have more competitions aimed just for them, because when I chec k out the winners names, most of the winners are from Australia. New Zealanders cannot really compete with all the millions of Aus. readers. The mag does have fantastic competitions, just need the prizes to be more evenly distributed between the 2 countries.
by Lynda
I think that since this magazine is so popular in nz we should have our own draw as there is only 4000000 to austrailian population you should do what new idea did so nz could have there own draw to make it more fair to us thankyou.
by Crystal
This is such a wonderful magazine. I am nearly 18 and i find that i can releate to many of your published stories. It is good to be able to pick up a magazine that so many people can relate to. Thanks for creating such a wonderful magazine.
by Laura
Absoloutely fantastic magazine!! I didnt think I would find a good mag when I came to NZ from uk but this is so god. Loads of real life stories and situations, psychics and letters. Great puzzles too. Good on you 'That's Life', keep it up! I never fail to buy one.
by Sonia
I read my mums mags as I already get a totally different one. This mag is soooooo cool. There is none of all of the celeb gossip and the stuuf wriitten in the TL mag is done by normal people, not fancy Hollywood models. I am hooked like so many other readers.
by Tui
This book has been a life saver for me. I got hooked on it in Aussie sept 1995. And was so glad it came to NZ. I have missed only three copiies from the first one in NZ.
by Estelle
This magazine has awesome articles and competitions, crosswords and puzzles

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Offer expires 9/04/20. Available to NZ residents only. Offer applies to 12 month subscriptions only.

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