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MEET THE EDITOR: North & South

Meet Susanna Andrew, the editor of North & South Magazine, New Zealand's leading monthly current affairs magazine.

What is North & South magazine and why is it important to New Zealanders?

North & South is an award-winning monthly magazine title with a proud 40 year history of covering, and uncovering, major New Zealand stories. It investigates life in New Zealand, it holds a mirror to life in New Zealand. It’s a magazine that looks into the things that concern us in Aotearoa, the things we care about and the things we dream about.

What can readers expect to see in coming issues?

Exciting stories that will enrage and inspire you. Stories that ignite important conversations, stories that exist outside of the news cycle but inside your heart. Stories that are politically curious and socially aware, that are about things worth caring about. Film, food, poetry and reviews of the best books. Criticism and not just advocacy. Champions, not just celebrities. The best and the worst of what makes us who we are.

What is your favourite type of article to edit for the magazine?

All kinds of articles but I love working on stories where there are many issues at stake, multiple angles, and several points of view. I like helping the writer find ways to surprise the reader or to include the unexpected, while keeping the writing easy and enjoyable to read. I guess I’m more of a developmental editor. Writing is one of the hardest jobs to do and I am in awe of those who do it well and have a deep respect for their work.

Why is long-form investigative journalism important in New Zealand?

In-depth investigative journalism when it is used to write stories on corruption and crime and social justice issues can and do change society. I well remember the impact ‘An Unfortunate Experiment at National Women’s’ had when Metro magazine published it. The writing that gets done in these pieces then becomes a part of the public record, available for future generations to read. But more importantly long form investigative journalism lets us see connections in places that video and other media cannot. Good writing can criticise and marshall arguments and can do so with inflection and integrity.

Why subscribe to North & South Magazine?

Subscribing means you get North & South delivered to your door every month. You never miss an issue, you beat the retail price, and you are entered in the draw to win fabulous prizes. Subscribers also become part of the North & South ‘community’ – what our subscribers want to see more of in future issues matters to us.


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