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Meet Angie Fredatovich, the Editor of WOMAN Magazine. WOMAN magazine is back and reimagined – this time bigger, bolder, and even better than before!

What can readers expect to see in the first issue? 

Immersive and engaging storytelling, current affairs, true crime, fashion, wellness inspiration, all while relishing the escapism. We've made sure that whether you're 19 or 90 you'll find lots of things you love and can relate to. And of course there’s plenty of your firm favourites such as the best books, fabulous food, all that’s binge-worthy and so much more. This really will be our biggest volume ever. 

What makes WOMAN magazine special, and why should women of Aotearoa read it? 

Quite simply that WOMAN is For New Zealand Women, By New Zealand Women, and I couldn’t be more proud to tell you that at the heart of WOMAN are the profiles we write about other women, and this issue is filled to the brim with smart, inspiring and wonderful wãhine toa. 

What is your personal favourite type of article to curate and edit? 

This is impossible for me to narrow down to just one because I have such a genuine love for fashion and beauty and you’ll see this shine through in a big way in this volume. While equally I relish, some might say obsessed, with all things true crime. And yes, you can expect to see some incredibly intriguing true crime stories too – perfect holiday reads if you ask me. Heroing women’s success stories is another passion – not just Kiwi women, but all women who are doing what they love, have been down but risen to the top and are now thriving. Hearing about what drives them, their mindset, the grind, and how they beat the odds or kept pushing through – there’s nothing better! No time for tall poppy syndrome around here. 

If you could choose any woman ever to interview for the magazine, who would you choose? 

Oh no, don't do this to me – as you can tell from the above, I don't do well with choosing just one. Let me have three: Iris Apfel, Jaguar Wright and Greta Gerwig.


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