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Top 5 Gifts for: Mums who love homes & gardens

For Mums who love homes and gardens, we have an incredible range of magazines to suit her taste. Here's our top 5 guide.

Kiwi Gardener

Gardening nurtures the soul and if your Mum loves it or wants to do more, Kiwi Gardener magazine is hard to beat. This is Mum’s monthly companion to get the most out of her plants every month. Features include growing plants, flowers and trees and edibles i.e. veggies, fruit, nuts and herbs! There’s great feature articles as well.

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NZ House and Garden

NZ House and Garden is the quintessential magazine for high quality home and gardens gazing. Mum will love exploring everything from refurbished, historic homes to contemporary landscaping trends, plus international, travel, design and arts features mixed with wonderful food. It’s an escape like no other into beautiful environments and dream-like lifestyles.

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Haven is a brand new home and living magazine that centres on the idea that home is where the heart is inviting readers into spaces that include delicious food and inspiring people. This is a mag for Mum to curl up with and imagine herself creating the same cosy, stylish situations or being in them!

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Nadia: A Seasonal Journal

Nadia Lim is the best friend we all want in our lives to inspire and nourish us! Her most recent endeavour is an ode to food, family and seasonal produce. Delivered quarterly, this magazine is one for Mum’s shelves to be referred to for growing vegetables or fruit and how to cook them for family and friends. A portion of each sale goes to the Garden-to-table charity which teaches children the essential skills of gardening and cooking.

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NZ Gardener

NZ Gardener has been for a long-time New Zealand’s number one gardening magazine, first published in 1944. Mum will love turning the continuous pages of stunning gardens and the people behind them, mixed with practical ideas and inspiration for all the different gardening levels.

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